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Intermetal SA is a Mozambican company and has been in the business for over 20 years. During this time we went through many stages, thus in constant evolution with the future in perspective but never forgetting where we came from and how we got here. Intermetal has revolutionized the Mozambican market and beyond using the highest technology when manufacturing products. We have experienced staff, some of them with more than 30 years of service.



We are proud of our leadership position in the Mozambican market and we aim to expand our role to serve the country in general.
Value our customers every day in the aspiration to be considered by them as their supplier of choice.
Also, keep that intention through the production and distribution of steel products with the maximum quality, counting with the experience of its best professionals on this sector.



We will be constantly mindful regarding the development of new technologies and products, for the company development in an attempt to always be the producer and dealer of steel with better quality and lower cost in the country.

Since the Pre-Industrial Revolution era to the present, the steel was always fundamental and indispensable to the life of societies. The steel is present in most of the light and heavy military and civilian industries, especially in the field of infrastructure and general construction engineering but not only, also present in medicine and other areas of social interest.

We also believe that we always manage our growth with future generations in mind because it is a sustainable business that is profitable and responsible.

Intermetal SA is one of leading suppliers of quality steel in Mozambique, having as our main distribution points the city and province of Maputo.

We are guided by the values ​​of Sustainability, Quality and Leadership.

Sustainability - because we follow the evolution of steel to ensure the best future for the industry and for future generations to come.

Quality - because we want to sell steel that is in the forefront of technology and why we need the best professionals to comply with our objectives.

Leadership - because we are proud of our entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunities which visionary thinking can bring to the company.

These three values​​, along with our philosophy of transaction processing of safe and sustainable steel, have guided Intermetal SA since the company was formed.

Wide Priority - this philosophy is reflected in our company: Health and Safety at work. We are making good progress in the development of manufacturing industry and we have a goal of zero accidents.



Health, Safety and Environment at Work

In Intermetal SA we dedicate ourselves to our core values ​​of safety and responsibility for safety, health and environment, which are an integral part of how we do business.

When we conduct our business of distribution and stockists of steel, processing and manufacture of lipped channels, we define the following:

Consolidate security and awareness through the participation of workers as one uncompromised value.
Identify, evaluate and manage significant risks to employees, suppliers and customers, taking corrective and appropriate measures.
Evaluate possible emergencies and prepare for them, guiding employees and implementing control measures.
Assist in the promotion of employee health management using medical surveillance and health awareness campaigns programs.
Identify, assess and manage the environmental impact of Intermetal SA, setting goals and promote efficient recycling practices.

By implementing this policy, we are committed to an open communication with our employees, service providers and customers, to encourage a culture that reflects the intent of this policy.

This policy will be reviewed every three years or in specific cases may change needed to improve the performance of our employees and achieve the desired goals and objectives.

We will continue to report on our progress to ensure that this policy remains relevant to the needs of interested parties and the environment.


Responsibility and Accountability

We maintain our responsible managers for the safety of our personnel, of service providers, customers and visitors. We expect our managers effective leadership in safety, health and environment. We also hope that all individuals in the company, are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others.

The managers of departments, are responsible for the full implementation of security systems, health and environmental management. This requires the allocation of appropriate resources and providing training, education, consulting, auditing and monitoring to ensure compliance with national and international legal standards.


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